Preventive Medicine

Dr. George Yiachos and team have been classically trained in conventional medicine and cardiology, with many years of clinical experience. It had become abundantly clear for many years that despite following all the guidelines set forth by all the medical associations, FDA, health insurance and pharmaceutical companies, the outcomes for patients have been at best weak. Most patients’ health histories’ could remain stable for some years at best but over time they would seem to spiral downward with increasing doctor visits, increasing prescriptions, side effects and eventually develop heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer, chronic autoimmune disease, and dementia. 

The truth is nothing beats the technology of heroic hospital therapies like emergency surgery, orthopedic surgery, stent, angioplasty, or “clot busters” but what does that say about conventional medicine. 

Clearly, humans were not meant to live forever but to allow a non-traumatic emergency to arise means there has been a failure to identify the root cause of that emergency for at least 5 to 10 years before that event.

Would you fire the airplane mechanic who didn’t recognize a fuel leak before a transatlantic flight?

Then why do we continue to support a system where 600,000 people die of heart attacks a year. To put this in perspective, if a 747 jet carries 300 people. You would need to have 6 crashes/day for a year and a complete loss of crew and passengers to equal the number of people dying of a heart attack/year. 

When you look at the growing numbers of diabetes, strokes, cancer, autoimmune disease and dementia despite the latest and greatest therapies offered by the medical-industrial complex, it should make you pause.

I think a lot of conventional medicine mechanics should be fired or at least figure out what they are doing wrong! If you didn’t already know, conventional medicine as it is practiced, “STINKS” at Prevention.

To demonstrate the point of the current attitude of most conventional medicine practices I offer these pictograms. 

The US 13th among comparable countries with life expectancy of 76.3 in males and 81.4 in females.

However, the United States spends more money per capita for their healthcare than any other nation. Is it just me or is this shameful?
So, what’s wrong?

We know that humans cannot live forever. We go to doctors to live longer, right?

Well, what I just shared with you regarding Americans spending more money on their healthcare and not living longer should make you stop and think! 

If you don’t feel well or get sick you may not live as long as others who don’t get sick. So you go to the doctor and after a 20-minute exam, bloodwork, EKG you are either told you are “apparently well”, just lose weight, and follow up in a year or you are told your cholesterol is high, your blood pressure is high, or your sugar is high. You need more tests. You are put on inhibitors, blockers, monoclonal antibodies and never told of the side effects or mineral deficiencies these medications cause.

So you leave the office thinking you must have a Lipitor deficiency, after all that’s why you are on a cholesterol prescription for life, right? You are never told why you are not feeling well.  

Despite following the guidelines and taking medications for the rest of your life, annually there are ever increasing numbers of people suffering and dying from heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, autoimmune diseases, and dementia.

Conventional medicine is trying to get you from the red line of “illness” to the blue line of no discernible illness never without any plan of taking you off medication but most importantly never identifying the Root Cause of your problems. This represents the biggest failure of medicine as it usually happens at least, 5-10 years before a catastrophic event when you hope that a heroic hospital procedure saves your life. To add insult to injury, Root Causes are completely ignored even after these catastrophic events.

This is where the Meraki Wellness team is different. We have integrated our vast knowledge and experience from the world of Medicine and Cardiology with Functional Medicine and Orthomolecular Cardiology. Through a comprehensive history, genetic testing, focused metabolic testing and our proprietary Somatic Inflammation Index (SI2), we create personalized health, nutrition, exercise and regenerative medicine programs that will identify the root causes of these illnesses years before they have the opportunity to bring about the catastrophic diagnosis or hospital event. This is where we succeed getting you beyond the blue line of “apparent wellness”. We help our clients achieve optimal health, and mental clarity, reduce or eliminate medications, feel an overabundance of energy, and get back their youthful libido and vitality. Real Health Resiliency!
If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure then investing in wellness, prevention, and regenerative measures is worth at least 1000X what you have spent on health insurance for all those years.

Consider that when your insurance company will only reimburse for diagnoses and medications that fit in their cookbook of healthcare.

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