In-Home Concierge Medical Spa Service Long Island, NY, NJ, CT

In-Home Services

We know that health is wealth and want to meet you all the way.
That’s why we provide exclusive beauty & health services the amazing wellness experiences in the comfort of your own home.
Let our highly skilled staff, pamper you with our 24/7 available Concierge Medical Spa Services.

The majority of Meraki Integrative services are available for In-Home appointments.

All we need is a wall outlet and 7 feet of space for our equipment and 15 minutes to set up our relaxation station.

*$200 minimum booking – Depending on Location
*Excludes RF Microneedling and HydroFacials

If you desire luxurious beauty, health, and wellness treatments, but don’t want to go out of your way, you can still get all the benefits of our services in the comfort of your home.